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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Part II: As if a Good Thing Ever Could Make Up for All the Pain

It’s been about two months since Spider Cahoots burst into a pile of pixie dust and floated out of my life on a cloud of failure, propelled by a gentle breeze of best intentions. You know what that means, babies: time for break up hair.

I first practiced the ancient Himalayan art of break up hair after break up numero previouso, with a Rihanna-inspired ‘do that went all but terribly wrong:

But whatever whatever whatever, I made it work. And with Nathanael as an accessory, you really can’t go wrong. Besides, beauty isn’t exactly the objective with these kinds of haircuts. Independence and re-growth and such, you undehstand.

So here goes nothin’:

What’s next for me, girl with the whole wide world as my $1 happy hour oyster? What’s the ultimate objective?



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