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Christmas Miracle

Ain’t no party like a four horsemen party cause a four horsemen party don’t…actually ever happen.

And I feel fine. After last week, now this? There’s nothing like the threat of an apocalypse to help you learn the true meaning of Christmas.

First, the preamble: I managed to jam my oversized noggin into this beautiful vintage leopard skull cap, which belonged to my lovely and small-noggined mother back in the good old days (when the Christmas miracles flowed like milk and honey).

THEN, the miracle.

Styled and outfitted by yours truly, naturally. Come and adore him, born the King of Vaky.

One more miracle and this Christmas qualifies for sainthood. Bring it.

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I’ve Been Really Really Really Good This Year

Holiday party circuit 2012, done right.


20121216-230430.jpgNow [Nathanael] gonna come and make you mine this Christmas.

[Nathanael] gonna come and make you mine.



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Behind the Moon, Beyond the Rain

Follow follow follow follow…


A brain, a heart, a home, tha noyve.

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