Well, the Ides of March Have Come

Happy Ides! With Caeser 2055 years dead, and the spring festival right around the corner (’cause the color of the chocolate on the eggs matches the color of the wood on the cross…), I thought I’d reflect back on my favorite new-hat-related-winter-slash-year-round-face discovery before it’s too late. Well, not my discovery actually, but that of a really nice guy. This one requires few words, so please excuse my terseness

I was so ecstatic about the darling accuracy of this comparison that I took my gentleman friend out for breakfast, where I ordered pancakes

Only to later find, to my dismay, that he’d roofied my whipped topping

And I was like, “Et tu, Spider Cahoots?”

Ay, they have come, but they are not gone.

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Filed under Awesomeness, Pop culture, Style

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