David Lynch came out of my closet

Do you ever look in the mirror, having just gotten dressed to go out for a few drinks with friends after a long and arduous day of watching Twin Peaks and realize, “wow, you can really tell I’ve been watching Twin Peaks all day”? You know, you’ve got that whole retro 1950s from the 1980s a la understated B-52s thing going on? David Lynch, you creep into our dreams, you disturb our psyches, and you also have the ability to corrupt closets? Way to go man. I guess the laugh-track bunny will always laugh last.

We had some trouble with the flash on this one, and the pose is definitely not too-cool-for-schooly enough for Twin Peaks High (my photographer directed me to do broken down doll), but you get the idea. Pretty sweet. I’ll take this outfit as payment for sitting through Inland Empire.

I’m especially fond of the shoes, an amalgam of the two pairs Audrey sports in the pilot,

Booyah! All right, I’m off to finish the second half of Season 2.

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