Ok, let’s get this show on the road.

After neglecting to get a photo of myself in my Friday night outfit, depicted here inanimately, I’ve decided I really can’t put it off any longer. It’s time to let there be light on We Look Awesome.

It’s really too bad because this whole get-up,

was somehow simultaneously, and I would say rather miraculously, inspired by Baby from Dirty Dancing

(Knee-length cuffed cut-offs, white leotard…sort of a mix between this scene and the one where she’s dancing on the bridge. You know the one. During the montage? Well, if you don’t I strongly suggest you re-watch…right now),

Joan Crawford

(big shoulders, art deco pumps seen with the outfit below, general attitude),

and the Little Mermaid,

(I had a plastic seafoam green hair clip, not pictured, in my newly red hair. Disney, if you’re reading this, please don’t sue me. I don’t make any money).

I know, I know, how could these seemingly incongruous elements blend together to make me look awesome? I’m not sure, but they did, and many strange Quebecois men double-took and bon-nuited me.

But enough with missed opportunities, let’s take a look at some adequately documented awesomeness,

That’s me on the right, doing my best impression of a raptor arm, with the lovely Laura Louise on the left, getting ready to celebrate Laura’s 6th annual 21st birthday. Usually my noteworthy outfits are inspired by style icons, but this duet was serendipitously situational, with Laura playing the role of birthday girl – pink dress with large bow, curled blond bob – and me as the attention seeking cougar mom who can hardly believe how fast her little girl is growing up. We played our roles well that night; I bossed Laura’s friends around while she happily consumed pink champagne and cake. Then I made out with her boyfriend and she locked herself in her bedroom and cried herself to sleep. Or something like that.


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2 responses to “Ok, let’s get this show on the road.

  1. scott

    i LOVE your tomof finland pic and the comment “gaylorious revolution!”…..made my day, kim!

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