Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Oh man. First of all, I love cliches and I’ve been waiting my whole life to use that one. MY WHOLE LIFE. So thanks for experiencing this moment with me. It’s really special.

Basically, I know it’s time for a drastic hair change when a) Montreal gets so hot that I actually develop anemia (note to Montreal, it’s called air conditioning, and they don’t have it in France because it’s generally temperate there. P.S. – You are not France. P.P.S. – I love you, let’s not fight.) and 2) I start doing this mormon-y bangs/bump/braid get-up that very closely resembles Adaleen Grant, Mary Kay Place’s character from Big Love

Check it:

Clearly this is weird and unacceptable. So what do I do? Naturally, I channel the endlessly lovely Michelle Williams

and the infinitely awesome Demi Moore a la Ghost

I kiss phantom Patrick Swayze, for luck

and presto chango alakazam:

It may look like a haircut, but it’s really more like magic (note how the computer on the table turned into a cat. This is a common side effect of the trick).

It all reminds me of that old saying “you can’t take the rusty penis when you leave, but you can always take the diplomat.”

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  1. Don

    A you are foxy cute well read

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