The Mixed-Up Files of Detective Oliver Benson

So Ben has this great post, in which he presents these vintage hand towels with eerily accurate depictions of Ariel and I playing tennis embroidered on them. You should check it out HERE because it’s pretty fucking awesome.

If for some reason you’ve yet to accept Jesus Christ or Nathanael Vaky as your lord and personal savior, and are thus too lazy to click on that, you can read it below:


Kim and Ariel

There are some pretty amazing things in my Grandparents house, remnants of my Grandmother’s decorating throughout the decades.  Of all things I think my favorite are these hand towels in the guest bathroom.

Every time I look at them I think how they are obviously of Kim and Ariel.  That one above is Kim with her messy up-do held together with a perfectly matching head scarf.  And on the other side of the towel rack is Ariel:

Right down to the skin so ghostly pale it barely shows up at all.  And I think we can all agree that if Kim and Ariel were ever to play tennis they would most definitely do it in heels.

Can you guys please please go as my grandparent’s guest bathroom hand towels for Halloween?!?!


All text and images courtesy of Ben, used with implicit permission. You should date him.


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2 responses to “The Mixed-Up Files of Detective Oliver Benson

  1. Drew

    Who wouldnt accept Nathaniel Vaky as their lord and personal savior? Those towels are badass

  2. hahaha how did I just notice the end of this where you encourage people to date me. Thank you! I would like somebody to date me.

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