(S)he’s a yankee doodle dandy!

The best thing about being an ex-pat on the 4th of July? Even though Canadians generally forgo spending massive sums on firework/parade celebrations – opting instead for a more consistent, less bi-polar day-to-day quality of life – since it’s not a national holiday up here, I get to wear over-the-top, Americana-inspired outfits without looking like a total patriotic weirdo. I do this at home too, but here it’s a little less ridiculous. And those rare occasions when I get to be a little less ridiculous are always refreshing.

#1 – The American Airlines stewardess (inspired by KG…who’s not a stewardess. Still, it’s a sweet title, and I stand by it):

#2 – The French American (stripes sans stars):

aaaaand #3 – Daisy Duke goes to the office (featuring Mexican Lucy on the left, and sad Liza Liza on the right, freshly abortioned):

So while y’all enjoyed fireworks, BBQs, and strawberry-blueberry shortcake, I had my own fun with the red, white, and blue. Land that I love…one day we’ll be stressfully and spectacularly together again.


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